About Us

We are a Singapore based company which focuses on:

  •     Self service laundry

  •     Coin operated commercial washing machines

  •     Coin operated commercial dryer machines

  •     Being the distributor for Speed Queen Machines

Over the years, we have gained the confidence of our customers through our excellent service and one stop integrated solution that we had provided them.  To-date, our machines are placed in hotels, student hostels, back packer hotels, camp sites and workers' dormitories. We are passionate in helping business owners resolve all laundry problems so that they can focus on running their business smoothly without the fear of escalating utility bills and having to spend thousands of dollars buying expensive machines in their premises.

Do you know?

By using household washing machines at your premises, staff will use the washers/dryers without considering water wastage as household machines are free. Staff will not help owners to save on their utilities bills. (We have feedback from some owners that they had witnessed their staff wash only two to five pieces of clothing per wash).

This will result in high utility bills for business owners.


Our research also shows that a household washer takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to wash one cycle and another 1 hour 30 minutes to dry. Taking into consideration that time is an important factor in business, our machines only require 30 minutes to wash and dry.

This is great news for business owners as we only use expensive high spin washing machines. The other advantage for our coin operated option is that staff will think twice and accumulate their clothing before washing as it involves money now. (Our statistics show that staff on an average will only wash 1 time per week.)

Our presence help many business owners resolve the problem of having to spend money to buy expensive washers/ dryer machines whose average lifespan is only 4 to 6 months. Subsequent to that, they also do not have to worry about high maintenance costs. They can in turn use the money for other uses. 

Space saving is another important benefit that business owners acknowledge.  We do not require more laundry room space.  Our machines are fast enough to cover the washing and drying for large number of residents staying at your premises.

This had been tested on our other dormitory sites and we can handle thousands of workers.

When dormitory premises face this problem...

When dormitory premises face this problem...

A good laundry set up is all it needs.

A good laundry set up is all it needs.

Email us now to find out why we are well-liked by your competitors i.e. student hostels, hotels, camp sites and even dormitory owners. We would like to share our customers' experiences with you. 

Email info@freshlaundry.com.sg

We are here to help you solve your laundry needs and stretch your dollar!